The Libertarian Party of North Carolina held its annual state convention in Clemmons over the weekend with over 102 attendees, and among them folks from our very own Mecklenburg County affiliate.  With a list of great speakers, such as Larry Sharpe, Dan Smotz, and North Carolina’s own State Treasurer Dale Folwell, there was a lot to learn and take in.  Our State Party Convention also had the pleasure of hosting a conversation between three great Libertarians seeking the Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2024, Mike ter Maat, Chase Oliver, and Jacob Hornberger.

The list of political candidates doesn’t stop there, the Party’s own Treasurer, Mike Ross, announced his candidacy for Governor of North Carolina which potentially sets the stage for an LP Primary, the first in many years.

Along with exciting speakers and the opportunity to reconnect with fellow party activists across our great state, the delegates adopted several new by-laws changes for our party’s internal structure and chose a new slate of Executive Officers to serve the Party for the next two years.  We also had the opportunity to put theory into practice by electing party officers through Rank Choice Voting, using an online voting method fitting for the 21st century, and use Zoom to allow delegates who couldn’t attend in person to participate and engage with the delegation as it conducted business on Saturday.

The Mecklenburg County delegates were thrilled to be a part of our annual convention and we all look forward to building up our Party to fight the duopoly and usher in our common goal of Liberty in our lifetimes.

Yours, In Liberty,
Steven J. DiFiore II