David Stamper

David Stamper is a Libertarian running for Charlotte City Council in November 2017.  

Tell all your friends to vote for him. Also, vote for him.


Why Should You Vote For David? 

If you’re tired of the status quo

If you’re tired of every vote going down party lines

If you’re tired of being gerrymandered into insignificance

If you’re tired of the political games from both major parties

If you’re tired of spineless politicians that will do anything to get elected

If you’re tired of being lied to


And You Want:

A public servant who actually represents a new perspective

A public servant who cares about honesty and transparency in government

A public servant with an impartial voice unrestricted by partisan ties

A public servant who cares about your quality of life


Do I Have Your Attention?

Great! Now it’s time to get to know more about..

The Candidate

Learn more about me and the local issues I am running on: About Me

The Party

What even is a Libertarian? Why is our symbol a yellow hedgehog? If you don’t know what a Libertarian is, that’s OK. There’s a good chance you’re a Libertarian and you don’t even know. Check out Our Party