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Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County

Charlotte City Council Candidates: Promoting Freedom and Liberty

Steven DiFiore (left) and Jeff Scott (right) are Running for Charlotte City Council. Find out More About Charlotte’s Candidates at https://stevenforcitycouncil.org/ and lpmeck.org/jeff-scott/ 


About Us

Do you believe in empowering individuals to achieve their goals? Do you think that today’s government is using a lot of our money—but not operating very effectively? If you believe in personal freedom and economic responsibility you are already one of us.


Get connected with fellow Libertarians: join us in party building meetings, work with us in party-sponsored events, and stay connected to the party.

David Stamper promoting the Libertarian Party at a Heist Brewery Event



Spread the Word

Tell your friends to vote Libertarian for Charlotte City Council on November 7th.

Americans are fed up with the 2 parties that both pander to their bases but forgot middle, moderate America. In fact, a near historic 44% of Americans are now registered Independents rather than picking a party. We have a tremendous opportunity to grow but we need your enthusiasm and support!

We are running two strong candidates—Steven DiFiore (At-Large) and Jeff Scott (District 6). Please come out and support us at the ballot boxes on November 7th!