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What is a Libertarian? If you believe in small government, responsible spending, and personal freedom you might be one of us.


Get connected with fellow Libertarians--join us in party building meetings, work with us in party-sponsored events, and stay connected to the party.

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Americans are fed up with the 2 parties that both pander to their bases but forgot middle, moderate America. In fact, a near historic 44% of Americans are now registered Independents rather than picking a party. We have a tremendous opportunity to grow but we need your enthusiasm and support!

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LPMeck monthly meeting, July 8th 2017 @ Dean & Deluca (SouthPark)


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Millennial candidates are looking to shake things up in Charlotte/Mecklenburg local elections

LPMeck at-large committee member David Stamper is running for city council as a Libertarian and has been included in a Creative Loafing news piece abo.

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Meet Libertarian Party candidate Sean Haugh running for US Senate

Title: Meet Libertarian Party candidate Sean Haugh running for US Senate
Location: Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, 41.

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